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"We are in the midst of an extraordinary transition – culturally, spiritually and physically – and I suppose that’s where the melancholy subject matter comes from. We’re not really aware of what’s happening to us yet. There’s something really crazy and insane about the whole thing and it’s too early on". By

Damon Albarn, on the subject matter of Everyday Robots x

(The interview also hints at a new Gorillaz release in 2016)

It’s not that police brutality is getting worse. 

It’s actually that people are being smart and using their phone cameras to produce video evidence of what the media cannot capture.

But why isn’t the media blowing up these murders? ANOTHER unarmed black kid was killed by a cop in Missouri last night. 

The media’s focus is on Ebola and terrorists, but in fact, our own law enforcement has killed far more Americans than either of those threats in the past decade.